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AJ Carey Lives and Breathes Disc Golf

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There are very few in disc golf who can call themselves a World Champion. It doesn’t matter if this is at the Junior, Amateur, Pro, or Masters level, the title is still very exclusive.

Team Discmania’s AJ Carey is one of those who is able to rightfully carry that title after winning the 2017 PDGA Amateur World Championship.

Carey works for Discmania’s friends at Innova Discs in Rock Hill, South Carolina. From the time he wakes up to the time he goes to bed, Carey’s life is disc golf.

We talked with Carey to learn about what he does at Innova and what his disc golf plans are for the future.

Let’s start off with you in general. Who is AJ Carey outside of disc golf? Or is there such a thing?

“I am not sure there is much of an AJ outside of disc golf. I work at Innova Monday through Friday, and play almost every weekend. So my life consists of disc golf, disc golf, and more disc golf. My fiancée, Deann, also actively plays disc golf, so that contributes.”

What’s your favorite thing to do when you’re not playing disc golf?

“When I’m not playing disc golf, my time is usually spent doing CrossFit with my fiancée or playing video games.”

You work for Innova in Rock Hill, what do you do there?

“We wear many hats at Innova. Typically I pull, pack, and ship orders.“

You have a degree in Sport Pedagogy and you’ve mentioned that you’d like to teach disc golf. Have you been able to do that?

“Yes, I have my B.S. in Sport Pedagogy. Unfortunately, I have not been able teach disc golf formally in a class setting since my undergrad. I have had quite a few private lessons though.”

You been paying actively this year and taken the step to Open division since your AM Worlds title last year. How has your season been? What were your goals going into 2018 and have you been able reach those?

“This rookie year has gone well! I have had some highs and some lows this year. My main 2018 goal was to get my feet wet in the professional field. Fortunately, I am learning more and more along the way.“

What are your greatest strengths as a competitor?

“My ability to stay poised even when I make mistakes. This helps to keep my out of a funk.”

What are your plans going forward? In disc golf and in general?

“No current plans, but who knows what 2019 holds. Im sure that there will be plenty of disc golf.”

Is there a specific Discmania disc that has helped you to reinvent your game?

“The disc that most reinvented my game would definitely be the D-Line P3x. It is my point and shoot anything inside 300 feet. Hyzer, straight, and anhyzer! It does it all.”

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