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Best of Simon Lizotte’s Disc Golf Trick Shots

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Best of Simon Lizotte’s Disc Golf Trick Shots

Over the last few years, Team Discmania’s Simon Lizotte has led the way in disc golf trick shots. It started with some freestyle tricks at a skatepark and grew to tricks that no one has seen before.

The recently released Epic Disc Golf Trick Shots took things to the next level highlighted by Lizotte throwing a disc, hopping in a BMW, and catching it himself. The video was a viral hit in the disc golf community and turned heads everywhere around the world with hundreds of thousands of views in just weeks.

This inspired us to look back at the great disc golf trick shots Lizotte has put together led by the recent viral hit.

Epic Disc Golf Trick Shots

Drones, BMWs, and more. It will be hard to top this one.

Epic Disc Golf Battle with Brodie Smith and Avery Jenkins

Lizotte joined Avery Jenkins and frisbee trick shot master Brodie Smith for a trip to the disc golf course with shots of all kinds.

Having Fun with the Speed Gun

Having fun with the speed gun! Give me a number... #AllDay #FlyingCircus

A post shared by Simon Lizotte (@simon_lizotte) on

The speed gun was setup in the warehouse and Lizotte had to show just what he can do. Name a number, he’ll hit it.

The one that started it all

Lizotte has said this was the moment he got into disc golf trick shots. Nothing beats that final grab.

Colten’s Birthday Shoutout

Happy Birthday to Discmania Tour Manager and rising star @cmonty35876 !!! 🎂

A post shared by Simon Lizotte (@simon_lizotte) on

Some use a card or a nice gift to wish someone a happy birthday. Lizotte sends Team Discmania’s Colten Montgomery well wishes with a no-look ace. Of course, he does.

Distance Competition Break

While trying to set a distance world record, Lizotte needed to break things up a bit.

The Bridge Shot

This is how to properly prepare for the USDGC! #TrickShotTuesDay

A post shared by Simon Lizotte (@simon_lizotte) on

While traveling to the USDGC, Lizotte and the Discmania RV found a bridge which led to this.

Mini Sniper

Smaller discs, same results.

Selfie Ace

#TrickShotTuesday is going great today! Ever tried to take a #SelfieAce ?

A post shared by Simon Lizotte (@simon_lizotte) on

Many have taken a selfie, but have you taken a selfie while throwing an ace? Lizotte has.

Bass Drop Shot

This is what I call "The Bass Drop Shot!" #TrickShot

A post shared by Simon Lizotte (@simon_lizotte) on

In his own words, “I call this the ‘Bass Drop Shot’.”

Putting Away Putters

This is how I like to put away my putters!

A post shared by Simon Lizotte (@simon_lizotte) on

When everything is said and done, even Lizotte goes home in style.

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