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Colten Montgomery - In the Bag 2018

Tour / Promotions

Colten Montgomery has made quite the splash on the scene during the first half of the 2018 season. Riding the strength of a 3rd place finish at the Disc Golf Pro Tour’s Jonesboro Open, he finds himself sitting in 13th place in the DGPT standings. With his strong performances both on both the DGPT and PDGA National Tour, Montgomery has found himself in front of the camera. What discs have helped Montgomery off to his stellar start? Let’s find out:


“The S-Line P3x has become my most thrown putter, it’s a total point and shoot disc that has just enough left finish.”

“Whatever line I throw, the D-Line P3x will get there.”

“I use the Sky God when I need an upshot to go left.”

“My D-Line P2’s have my personal fundraiser stamp on them, find me out on tour in the Maniac RV to buy one.”


“The MD3 is my do-it-all mid range. I do have one with some dome, which has made it quite overstable for an MD3.”

“I’ll opt for the MD4 when I need a stronger fade, or when the wind is up.”


“The Swirly FD3 is my go-to forehand disc, it is super reliable”

“The TDx only wants to go right. This is more of a utility disc for me”

“The 168 FD has such an easy flight to it. This is one of the only non-max weight discs in my bag.”

Distance Drivers

“The Metal Flake PD is one of the most used discs in my bag. It will fly on any line I put it on.”

“Shoutout to Drew Gibson for the beat up 1st run C-Line PD”

“If I need something to get far down the fairway, I am going to throw one of my S-Line DD’s.”

“I have yet to turn over my most overstable C-Line PD2”

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