Dana Vicich: In the Bag 2018

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Dana Vicich, now a professional disc golf veteran has seen a quiet start to his 2018 season. With his family growing (his second daughter was born this winter), coupled with starting new job working for Discmania, this has kept him from hitting the road.

Fear not, with summer now in full swing, Vicich plans to make his presence known at some larger events. After seeing his deep run in to the Disc Golf Pro Tour Finals the last two seasons, you can’t count him out quite yet.

Vicich recently sat down to document what has been in his disc golf bag the last few seasons.


“This season I’ve been putting the D-Line P1x. I really like the grip of a broken in D-Line. These are very straight and glidey, which is what I want out of a putter.”

“The D-Line P2 was formerly owned by Eagle McMahon. It is now a staple in my bag for straight shots, turnovers and hyzer flips. This is the disc I hit a $650 ace with earlier this season.”

“The flat, low profile feel of the P3x fits so well in my hand. I absolutely love this disc for drives, upshots and even putting if the wind is up.”


“The MD is the type of disc that can do it all. When thrown on a hyzer, it will stay on that line. Thrown flat, it will fly dead straight. Putting some turn on it will result in a beautiful turnover flight.”

“I love the progression in stability of my MD3’s and MD4. The Color Glow C-Line is my straight flying workhorse mid, while the Glow C-Line can handle more power and a headwind. Then there is the Prototype C-Line MD4, this one is yet another step up in stability from the Glow C-Line MD3. The thing I love about the MD4 is that it has great glide to go along with the overstable finish.”


“One of my all-time favorite molds is the CD2. This is a do-it-all disc. I throw it on any angle and it will react as such. When I need accurate distance, I am grabbing the CD2.”

“For both backhand and forehand rollers, I have found that a flat TDx is the ticket. The TDx I’m using now is 166 grams and very flat. This makes it the perfect candidate for out of the box rollers and hyzer flips.”

Distance Drivers

“When I need an all out distance shot, the CD3 has emerged as my disc of choice. The pop top purple has a bit more stability, while my green one much straighter.”

“My PD2’s are all very different. The S-Line is a pretty straight flier, in terms of PD2’s. The Glow has turned out to be a moderately overstable version that also boasts good glide. My Glow is my favorite forehand disc. The Swirly S-Line brings the beef for skip shots and windy days.”

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