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Dana Vicich's Disc Golf Visit to Colorado

Disc Life

What comes to mind when thinking or talking about the great state of Colorado? Mountains, abundant sunshine, Red Rocks Amphitheater, outdoor recreation, epic disc golf courses, breweries and now, Discmania.

This past winter, Discmania USA made the move east from its longtime home in California to Wellington, Colorado. All the discs, baskets, gear, and employees packed up and made the trek. While many of the discs, baskets and other gear have now left Colorado, all staff have remained. In fact, we've even added two more to the team.

I recently had the opportunity to travel to the Discmania USA headquarters in Wellington and what I found was quite impressive.

A Welcoming Disc Golf Community

Colorado is a state that is jam packed with disc golfers, courses, and sold out tournaments. Just minutes from Discmania USA is the 19-hole Wellington Disc Golf Course. I was able to attend their weekly league and meet some of the local movers and shakers. The good vibes were abundant and lots of fun was had, even in less than ideal weather.

The fun didn't stop after the round with many players heading to the local Wellington brewery, Soul Squared Brewing Company. Pints on league nights were $1 off with a club membership bag tag. Yes, I bought a membership and yes, they do sell discs at the brewery. What’s not to love?

Outside of Wellington, the Colorado scene is also flourishing. Discmania looks to help make a positive impact by sponsoring events, running events, and installing new courses.

If you weren't lucky enough to sign up for the infamous Kiss the Sky tournament in July, make sure you catch the hole by hole round coverage following the event or check out one of the Kiss the Sky Fundraiser discs.

Dana Vicich and the Discmania crew

A Dedicated, Hardworking Staff

As previously mentioned, our entire California staff made the move to Colorado. This includes three native Californians: DJ Cookson, Jaime Muro and Kevin Dallas. All of whom have lived in the golden state their whole lives. The others, Austin Montgomery and Chris Brubeck were born and raised in Colorado. Joining the seasoned crew in Wellington was a new hire, John Triantos.

During my nearly three days in Wellington, I was able to spend quality time with each team member.

Jaime and DJ do the disc stamping for Discmania. Jaime was busy pushing out custom orders, while DJ had the tall task of stamping the latest shipment of S-Line DD3s. These two stampers are definitely unsung heroes of Discmania.

Kevin Dallas is the Warehouse Manager. His daily task list is about as long as a Simon Lizotte PD2 bomb on a wide open fairway. This particular week was busier than most with the rare double release of the Eagle McMahon Metal Flake Glow C-Line MD3 (Iron Samurai) and the S-Line DD3 on the Discmania Store. Kevin easily gets his 10,000 steps in by lunch, as he's back and forth between the offices and warehouse.

John Triantos is a jack of all trades, which makes him an invaluable resource at Discmania. While he can do just about anything and everything, you can generally find him fulfilling dealer orders, which there was no shortage of that week.

Chris Brubeck is Discmania's Online Sales Manager. Between meetings and managing the store releases, Brubeck was also found helping fulfill orders in the warehouse. At this very moment, he is likely somewhere in the warehouse cleaning up from the Mystery Boxes and checking out our next exciting release.

Overseeing the whole US operation is Director of Operations, Austin Montgomery. Montgomery has been with Discmania since 2015. He's done anything and everything when it comes to Discmania and now finds himself sitting in the bosses chair.

It should be noted that since my visit, we have already grown by one. Joining the warehouse crew is Matt Lamb.

This is our small, but mighty Wellington crew. Joining them as Discmania USA employees working remotely are Steven Braud (Sales), Avery Jenkins (Team Manager), Zach Parcell (Content and Social Media), and myself, Dana Vicich (Assistant to the Regional Manager).

We should note, at this time, Discmania USA is closed to the public. The Discmania Store is currently an online only store. We’re excited about our Colorado home and it has been a great start to 2019. I wish I could share everything we have planned, but it is only a matter of time.

A Day With Avery Jenkins

If you know Avery, you know that there are two things he loves: playing new disc golf courses and visiting breweries. During our visit to Colorado, Avery and I were left with a little extra time on our hands before our late night flights so we hit the highway and headed for the mountains!

Our destination: Bear Mountain Disc Golf Course. This gem of a course was going to be Avery's 1,100th course played and it just so happened to be on the anniversary of him playing his 1,000th course. Bear Mountain is a private course located on Dan Hart's stunning 40 acre property. Hart has built the course in conjunction with a forestry plan that seeks to maximize forest health and mitigate fire danger. While the weather wasn’t quite what we wanted, it was still an amazing course to play.

After an epic round of golf, Hart cooked us a hearty lunch and we were on our way to the oldest course in Colorado. A Steady Ed design, Ken Caryl Disc Golf Course in Littleton. After a fast nine-holes, we had just enough time to visit a few breweries. We chose to stop in to Four Noses in Broomfield and Boulder Beer Company in Boulder. Both breweries have recently started to stock custom stamped Discmania discs, so it was nice to mix some business in with a little sample of pleasure.

Finally, in typical Avery fashion, we pushed it to the limit in regards to making our flights.

It was a great trip to Colorado. Discmania USA has found a perfect home.

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