Discmania 2019 European Open Fundraiser Color Glow C-Line MD5 Release

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One of the most anticipated discs from Discmania is finally here! The initial release of the Discmania MD5 comes in the popular Color Glow C-Line material and is a dedicated fundraiser for the 2019 European Open.

With the powerful Lion stamp design that has become an iconic part of the European Open adorns the disc that has been asked about more than any Discmania release in recent time.

MD5 Flight Details

The MD5 is easily one of the most trustworthy discs in our lineup. With flight numbers of 5, 3, 0, 4, the MD5 is designed to be very stable at high speeds before a strong and powerful fade at the end of the flight. You can really put some power behind the MD5 and get predictable results each and every time.

To answer one of the most common questions about the MD5, yes, there is a bead on the bottom of the rim. The beaded bottom and low-profile shape gives you a comfortable grip and even better release.

New Disc, New Colors

Our Color Glow C-Line material has become quite popular in many areas of our disc line up and the MD5 will be no exception.

We’re excited to add a fourth color option to the Color Glow C-Line material with yellow joining the previous blue, pink, and orange options.

In the Bag at USDGC

We caught up with three team members practicing for the 2018 United States Disc Golf Championship who all had the MD5 in their bags. Simon Lizotte, Eagle McMahon, Colten Montgomery, and Nate Perkins have all added the European Open MD5 to their bags and will be using it to attack the Winthrop Gold course this week.

How to Purchase an MD5

The Discmania 2019 European Open Fundraiser Color Glow C-Line MD5 will be released at 9 p.m. Pacific Time on Tuesday, October 2 exclusively on the Discmania Store.

There's a limited stock available on Wednesday at the Discmania booth at the 2018 United States Disc Golf Championship.

EU release at the InnovaStore to follow later this week.

Don’t wait around as these will be gone before you know it!

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