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Discmania Announces new Active Premium Disc Golf Line

In early 2019, we created the Discmania Active Line to further expand our offerings. Three goals drove the decisions behind building Discmania Active: create products that have a great appearance, great performance, and offer them at a lower price point than ever before.

Five models were a part of the initial launched and sold out multiple times. Demand for Discmania Active exceeded our already high expectations. 2019 was just the start for Discmania Active and 2020 will see it grow to even greater levels.

Discmania Active Premium

Three new discs will be released in a new premium plastic to compliment our base Active Line choices.

  • Sensei: Low-profile putter
  • Maestro: Small-diameter Midrange
  • Mentor: Easy-to-throw control driver

The Active Premium plastic will be produced in gorgeous translucent plastic with vivid colors that have been carefully selected for the best visual appeal. This firm and grippy plastic also bring great durability and performance for all skill levels.

We had an option to flood the disc market with new molds, but we opted to build on the success of the current Active discs and share the same molds and flight numbers in the Active Premium line.

Ryan at Caddie Disc Golf took a look at the Sensei which first hit the market in the 2019 Mystery Box.

Time for a Name Change

As part of our efforts to design the Active Premium lineup, we listened to feedback from our closest partners and customers. After a full review, we’ve decided to change the whole Active Line naming system. Moving forward, both lines will go under the new naming system detailed below.

  • Tiger Warrior -> Sensei (both plastic types)
  • Spring Ox -> Maestro (both plastic types)
  • Sea Serpent -> Mentor (both plastic types)
  • Fox Spirit -> Magician (base plastic)
  • Sun Bird -> Genius (base plastic)

This transition will take some time, but we expect it to happen during 2020.

Release Details

After being released a few months ago in Europe, the United States release date has been set for Monday, August 3 at 10 a.m. Eastern/8 a.m. Pacific time. 

Discs will be available on Discmania.net along with Discmania Dealers everywhere.


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