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Discmania Evolution Neo Instinct Set for May 2 Release

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The first Discmania Evolution disc is ready to fly. The Discmania Evolution Neo Instinct is a fairway driver unlike anything you’ve seen. With a flight designed for disc golfers of all levels and a new plastic blend unlike anything from any other disc golf company, the Instinct is just the start of what the Evolution will bring.

The Neo Instinct will be officially released on Thursday, May 2. 

Flight of the Instinct

The Instinct has a unique combination of the control of a fairway driver and the range of a distance driver. With a strong high speed stability, it can handle power from beginners to top-pros. It’s easy to reach for the Instinct on any hole that calls for more than a midrange, including those that call for maximum distance.

The Instinct carries a unique amount of glide that can really keep things going. The glide is actually a bit surprising. You think the disc will begin to fade, but it will hang in the air a bit longer and push forward before carrying a bit more while it fades out at the end of the flight. If you've ever wanted a little more distance out of a fairway driver without reaching for something faster, the Instinct can do just that.

The fade is strong enough to be dependable, but not too overstable to where you feel like you are out of control. You know it will fade, you know where it will finish.

After all of our testing, the Instinct will have flight numbers of 7, 5, 0, 2. It’s a great combination of speed, glide, and stability to easily reinvent your game.

Feel of the Instinct

Our new Neo plastic is completely unique to the Discmania Evolution line. Don’t think otherwise, this has not been previously released. We found the perfect balance between a stiff disc and a flexible disc. The end result is a great blend that can handle all weather conditions without sacrificing performance.

The Neo plastic is like an extension of your arm. Grab the Neo Instinct with confidence and focus on your throw. This plastic will not fail you. The grip is second to none and can help you really lean into your throw. Getting a little extra snap at the end of your throw is very possible with this new plastic blend.

Performance of the Instinct

As members of Team Discmania have thrown the Instinct, the general consensus is that this could easily be the disc of the year. After just a few throws we've had reports of "It's going straight in the bag" and "Where has this been all my life?" 

Don't just take our word for it. When Simon Lizotte was at the new Discmania warehouse in Colorado he got his hands on the new Instinct and was throwing them 500 feet without much effort at all.  

How to buy a Discmania Instinct

The Discmania Evolution Neo Instinct will go on sale Thursday, May 2. In the United States and worldwide, sales will begin on the Discmania Store at 9 a.m. Mountain Time. In Europe, InnovaStore sales will begin at 12 a.m. that morning. 

You can also check out your favorite Discmania dealer for their inventory as well. 


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