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Discmania Production Update (October)


It’s been quite a Summer for us here at Discmania. Our very own Discmania factory has been up and running for a few months now, bringing life back to our Originals Line. It is quite a change of pace to be in charge of our own manufacturing. We’re thoroughly enjoying experimenting with new molds and materials and learning the ropes to this side of the business. It hasn’t been all smooth sailing, as we’re facing both logistical challenges and shortages of raw materials and a lack of machine parts. This has slowed the pace down, but we will push on and do the best with what we have. You can count on us to make discs as fast as humanly possible. 
Since our last update, we’ve had the absolute pleasure of bringing the P2 back to our fans. We anticipate the pace will only speed up from here on out. Here’s what you can expect for the last three months of 2021:


Fresh on the heels of the P2 release will be the stock release of the C-Line MD3. Pre-sales to our Dealer Network has started, with a global release set for October 20th.
We feel that we’ve really perfected the MD3 mold. All Summer long we’ve seen the MD3 performing at high levels via Team Discmania. Come October 20, you’ll have your chance to put the MD3 to a test. 
Not long following the C-Line MD3, we have a real treat lined up for you: The Eagle McMahon Iron Samurai 3, which will be a Color Glow C-Line MD3. Release is expected in the heart of glow season, some time this November-December.
For all the big arms out there, you’ll be happy to hear that the DD3 will be making its return to production! This won’t be just any DD3... Yep, you may have guessed it: we’re talking about the Eagle McMahon Cloudbreaker 3. We’ve been tinkering with our plastic for months, trying to find the perfect mix. The result is an Italian-made S-Line blend that has a softer grip, but also all of the great features that we’re loving from our C-Line. Get hyped now and make sure to keep an eye on your inbox this November-December.
It was our promise to bring a total of five Originals molds in 2021. Unfortunately, it took us longer than anticipated to perfect the FD and PD molds. The good news is that the C-Line FD has been in production for over a month, with the C-Line PD soon to follow. These heavy hitting Originals are now expected to hit the market in early 2022 with larger quantities.
There might just be another mold coming, but in typical Discmania fashion you’ll have to wait to find out 😉. We’ve got a live announcement scheduled for Thursday, November 25th.


Production on the Evolution Line this Summer was quite busy. We did run into a few issues with the Mutant and Splice, but they have since been fixed. The small quantities of those two molds, that were produced prior to the problems, were used during Summer to celebrate Team players achievements or as special fundraisers. We hate to keep you waiting, but the plan is now to push these big releases to 2022.
Several Signature releases are still slated for late 2021 - Nate Perkins’ “Zen”, Kyle Klein’s “Midnight Prowl” and Colten Montgomery’s “Arctic Fang”. All three of these releases will be Discmania Store exclusives. Unfortunately, time has caught up with us and we’re unable to produce the massive quantities needed to release to our Dealer Network. While the aforementioned three will be only be available on the Discmania Store, Eagle McMahon’s Razor Claw 2 will also be available to our Dealer Network. These Evolution Signature releases will take place October-December.


Around the globe, the Active Line has continued to impress. There have been multiple restocks throughout the Summer and we expect this trend to continue. Stay tuned, because as we look ahead to 2022, we plan to yet again expand on the Active Line!


Buckle up! Our biggest release of the year is coming. Yup, the famous Mystery Boxes!. Whether you’re a new Discmaniac or an old school veteran, you’re not going to want to sleep on this year’s Mystery Boxes. You can expect to see two editions filled with tasty treats from all three of our lineups, including some new & exclusive molds + other specialties you won't find anywhere else. Make sure to tune in on November 25th.


Our fresh Feature Card Jerseys kept Simon, Eagle and the gang looking good all Summer. We’ll continue to release Simon and Eagle Jerseys, with the ‘Moving Day’ version coming up next. Outside of the jerseys, you can count on some additional clothing to come out before the end of the year.


I’m very excited for this opportunity to create new amazing products for our customers all over the world. This really is a dream come true. Our fanbase is rapidly growing and we will do our best to serve each and every one of you. I expect our factory to be up and running in full scale this Spring.
In the meantime, let’s enjoy these upcoming releases as we take the turn from Summer to off-season 💗

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