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DITG ep 5: Sticker spotting contest winners announced!

We once again got a whole bunch of answers to our final sticker spotting contest and the raffling machine picked the names of Jonathan H, Jontte O. and Clay M. as winners. Congrats to our winners and a big thank you for everyone who submitted an answer. Again sorry that we haven’t been able to answer to each of you personally, there are simply an overwhelming amount of messages pouring in.

Here’s where the sticker was hidden:

This was the final sticker spotting contest, once again a HUGE thanks to everyone who took part. We may have one little contest coming up for you guys, but now it's time to look forward and concentrate on Stockholm Disc Golf Open that will be played at the beautiful Järva Disc Golf course this weekend. Lots of team members attending, so hopefully we'll see you there! Here's Seppo Paju's thoughts about the upcoming tournament.

And we also have the Blizzard C-line out! Try them out if you haven't already, those things go BOOM!


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