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Moving Days at the Store - Find all offers here!

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The Discmania Store Moving Days are here - A full week of awesome discounts from October 15th until 21st! We've put together a handy list of discount items, codes and other specialties below, so you'll stay on top what's happening and when.

Daily discounts

We're offering some deep discounts on select discs. Each discount runs from 12:01AM to 11:59PM (PDT) on the date listed below:

Monday, Oct 15th
- Stock S-line P3x's & C-line P3x's just $10.99 a piece
- All DD's -20% with the code "MovingDD"

Tuesday, Oct 16th
- Stock C-line MD's & C-line MD2's just $10.99 a piece
- All FD's -20% with the code "MovingFD"

Wednesday, Oct 17th
- Stock C-line MD4's & P-line MD4's just $10.99 a piece
- All DDx's -20% with the code "MovingDDx"

Thursday, Oct 18th
- Stock S-line CD2's & C-line CD2's just $10.99 a piece
- All PD2's -20% with the code "MovingPD2"

Friday, Oct 19th
- Stock S-line CD3's & C-line CD3's just $10.99 a piece
- All PD's -20% with the code "MovingPD"

Saturday, Oct 20th
- Stock C-line DD's & C-line DD2's just $10.99 a piece
- All MD3's -20% with the code "MovingMD3"

Sunday, Oct 21st
- All stock discs -20% with the code "StockMeUp"
- All other campaign offers valid until midnight PDT

Full week offers

The offers listed below are valid throughout the entire campaign period and no discount codes are required to access the savings. See the list below or simply access all of the products here!

Grab any G-line disc in our selection and save $8 a pop!

Save 25% on the most convenient disc golf backpack in the game!

Stay dry and save 50% on our signature umbrellas!

Keep your liquids hot or cold and save $7!

Stand out with a cool Discmania mahogany mini, now 25% off!

3-SET OF MINI BAR D-LINE P1x's $19.99
Pick up a set of sweet new putters and save big!

Triumph Week Releases

Besides the awesome Moving Days offers, we're also celebrating the Discmania Triumph Week on the 3rd week of October. This means there will be an array of some seriously sweet bottom stamped Triumph Series releases happening Monday through Thursday. See the list of releases below:

Monday, Oct 15th
- Grady Shue Triumph Series Swirl S-line PD (PDGA Rookie of the year)
- Product goes live at 09:00 AM PDT

Tuesday, Oct 16th
- Eagle McMahon Triumph Series Glow P-line P2 (Konopiste Open Champion)
- Product goes live at 09:00 AM PDT

Wednesday, Oct 17th
Leo Piironen Triumph Series D-line P2 (3x Finnish Champion)
- Product goes live at 09:00 AM PDT

Thursday, Oct 18th
Simon Lizotte Triumph Series Swirl S-line FD3 (2x European Champion)
- Product goes live at 09:00 AM PDT

Farewell California, Hello Colorado!

As you might have already picked up, Discmania US operations are getting prepared to change states, from sunny California to even sunnier Colorado. While the birthplace of disc golf has served us well, we decided to seize the opportunity to change the scenery to be able to better serve our customers from a more central location in the US.

Colorado is also the home state of some of our key employees and being closer to their familiar stomping grounds will help us be more involved in the scene at a local level. There are many things in the plans and we'll be sure to tell you more when the time comes.

The actual move will happen more or less gradually over the last two months of the year, but we're already in preparation mode to make sure everything runs smoothly. Help us lighten our load when the time of the move comes by stocking up on our awesome Moving Days offers throughout the 3rd week of October!


Check out some select Moving Days campaign products below:

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