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Moving Days at the Store - Find all offers here!

The Discmania Store Moving Days are here - A full week of awesome discounts from October 15th until 21st! We've put t...
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New Signature Series: P2 Lizotte Sky God

In the world of Doom Birds and Crescent Falcons, there is one to rule them all: the Sky God. Specifically, the Discma...

Discmania PDx: The Wait is Over

For over two years, some of the most common questions we've received have revolved around one single disc. A disc tha...

Discmania Store Top 10 Discs of 2017

It is that time of year again — snow, taking your Christmas lights down, mystery boxes, making or breaking resolution...

New Signature Series: Glow P-P2 Imperial Eagle

The Eagle McMahon Glow P-line P2 Imperial Eagle is the newest addition to the Discmania Signature series. The Imperia...

New Signature Series: MD4 Lizotte Crescent Falcon

The Glow C-line MD4 Lizotte Crescent Falcon is here! This flat and grippy mid-range disc encompasses speed, accuracy ...

New Signature Series: Lizotte FD3 Doom Bird

There is a story to be told. It dates back to 2013 when Simon Lizotte signed with Team Discmania. Simon and Discmania...

Flat, stable beaded - Introducing the P3x

The Discmania P3x is a driving putter with a capital D! Excellent choice also for those who don’t normally feel comfo...

The Smooth Operator - S-line TDx is now available!

The Discmania TDx was first released as a limited fundraiser for the Disc Golf World Tour as the Presidents Cup Swirl...

New release: 2017 Presidents Cup Discmania Swirly S-line TDx

Our second new disc release of the year - the understable driver Discmania TDx -  is dedicated to the prestigious 201...

Add Control to Your Distance Game - The C-line CD3 is Here!

For the best part 2017, the majority of the buzz around Discmania has concentrated on a single new model, the CD3. Th...

Top 5 Disc Golf Beginner Tips

Disc golf continues to grow as a popular sport. It’s becoming increasingly accessible, very affordable and fun for pl...
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