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Eagle McMahon: In the Bag 2019

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After winning the 2018 PDGA National Tour Series, Team Discmania’s Eagle McMahon has seen a lot of change in what he carries in his disc golf bag.

It’s been a while since we’ve seen what McMahon has in the bag and he sat down to give us a rundown of what he’s throwing and what he is looking forward to throwing in the coming months!


“I think the Glow P-Line P2 is the best putter Discmania has ever come out with.”


  • Metal Flake C-Line MD5: Most overstable version of the MD5, very trustworthy. Used backhand and forehand.
  • Glow C-Line MD3 2013 European Open (2x): One beat in, one newer, a lot of forehand shots.
  • Color Glow C-Line MD3 Crowned Eagle (2x): Favorite MD3 ever, a little softer. Very durable with great stability.

Fairway Drivers

  • Color Glow C-Line FD2 Royal Rage: It’s the GOAT forehand fairway driver. Great for backhands as well.
  • Evolution Neo Instinct: Similar to an overstable FD with a little less glide. Great for backhand shots. Nice and stable.
  • Luster C-Line FD3: Most understable of the FD3s in the bag
  • Glow C-Line FD3: Great backhand disc, straight with consistent finish.
  • S-Line FD3: Great for sidearms and control shots.
  • C-Line FD3 (second run): Most overstable.

Distance Drivers

  • C-Line PD (first run): Very straight, a little fade.
  • C-Line PD (13th run): Most overstable version of the PD. Great for power grips.
  • Swirl S-Line PD2 Triumph Series: Go-to distance driver for backhand shots.
  • Swirl S-Line PD2 Hypno Huk: Very overstable, will always fade. Great in headwinds.
  • Swirl S-Line DD3 Cloud Breaker (2x): Fun disc to throw. Mainly a forehand disc. Giving an extra 20 feet on drives with the DD3.

Utility Discs

  • D-Line FD: Great in the woods, scramble shots.
  • Metal Flake Champion Max

Other Discs

  • Color Glow MD3 (5, 5, 0, 2 run)
  • Color Glow FD Night Strike
  • S-Line CD2
  • Metal Flake C-Line PD2

Upcoming Discs

  • Active Spring Ox: Really durable, similar to a P3x, amazing for forehand shots. Between a midrange and a putter. Very fun to throw.
  • Evolution Neo Method: New Midrange, beaded, can really handle power.
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