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How are you, Eagle?

This past weekend, Eagle was unable to complete his final round at Jonesboro Open due to shoulder discomfort. Discmaniacs and disc golf fans alike have been asking lots of questions, so we want to take a moment to put everyones’ minds at ease.

Let’s bring everyone up to speed first. In October of last year, prior to the Disc Golf Pro Tour Finals, Eagle was experimenting with some unique throwing styles. He tried a throw in which he rotated his body like he was throwing a forehand, but with a backhand grip (confusing, we know!). This caused his initial shoulder injury.

After a lengthy recovery period, and gradually reintroducing throwing discs into his routine, Eagle felt prepared to return to tournament play. He took a solid finish at PDGA Champions Cup, and was well on his way to a stellar finish at Jonesboro. On his 6th hole at the final round of Jonesboro, he felt a pop in his shoulder when he tried throwing sidearm off the tee. Due to the discomfort and concern for his overall shoulder recovery, he decided to withdraw from the event.

Q&A with Eagle on his current situation

Now that we’re all on the same page, let’s check in with Eagle himself on what’s going on now, and his plans moving forward;

Q: How is your shoulder feeling on a day to day basis?

Eagle: “My shoulder, prior to Jonesboro hole 6, felt 95% normal in daily activities. The only time I could notice something wrong was throwing sidearms or similar motions. As of now, my shoulder feels jarred from the sidearm at Jonesboro - but is feeling better day by day with light exercises and a host of other therapies.”

Q: Are you seeking diagnosis or treatment from doctors currently?

Eagle: “I have a great team of professionals guiding me through the recovery process. I am currently working with an Orthopedist, DPT, DC, MAT Master Specialist, and of course Seth Munsey from Disc Golf Strong.”

Q: What was your recovery plan prior to this weekend, and has it changed at all?

Eagle: “My plan was, and still remains, to take time off in May to undergo a treatment plan.”

Q: How are you balancing your drive to compete with recovery?

Eagle: “I’m prepared to take the time necessary to fully recover, even if it means missing important events this season. My health and longevity are what take precedence. I want to say I’ll be back sooner than later - but this experience taught me it’s not wise to rush the process.”

Q: What’s the next step for you?

Eagle: “The next step for me is to be proactive. I’ll get opinions from my team of professionals, and act accordingly. During my free time I’ll continue to strengthen my body, produce content for my YouTube channel, spend time with friends and family, and perhaps hone my lefty skills further.”

All of us at Discmania are wishing Eagle well, and support the steps he’s taking towards a speedy and complete recovery!

Check out Eagle's recent In The Bag video for this season:

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