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From the CEO: Remigration to Finland opened up the World

If you've been following the current disc golf scene closely, our CEO Jussi Meresmaa is a name you've probably heard a lot in the past couple of years. Aside from Discmania, Jussi is also the lead figure behind Disc Golf European Open, The SpinTV, Innova Champion Europe and the disc golf course design concept DiscGolfPark. The inception of the DiscGolfPark concept with its turnkey-solution ideology for businesses and communities launched in 2007 can be listed as one of the main reasons the Finnish disc golf scene is thriving today.

In early 2014, DiscGolfPark remigrated its production of baskets and other course infrastructure back to Finland. While many people would consider it a bad business to migrate production to a country where production costs are way higher than in, for example Asia, this very move has been proved to be a very wise one. Jussi recently cleared up this decision in a guest column for the Finnish subcontracting fair, explaining how having the production in your own backyard not only makes product development and quality control easier, but also has enabled the DiscGolfPark concept to effectively spread far beyond the borders of Finland.

Read the column here ->

More about the DiscGolfPark concept here ->

Check out Jussi's in the bag video here ->

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