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From the Community: Discmania Exo Tactic Reviews

Disc Life

The Discmania Exo Tactic has answered the call of those on Team Discmania and numerous disc golfers around the world. A true overstable approach disc with less glide and more control.

Now that the Tactic has been in the hands of many we wanted to provide one location for all the best reviews.

Tactics are on sale today right here on Discmania.net or at your favorite Discmania retailer.

Utility Disc Golf

Tanner at Utility Disc Golf took the Tactic out for a one disc round at a local course. This is a great example of all the different shots that you can hit with the Tactic.

Daily Disc Golf

Noah at Daily Disc Golf gave the Tactic a test against some other popular approach discs including the Eagle McMahon signature Razor Claw Tactic.

Caddie Disc Golf

Ryan at Caddie Disc Golf provides a quick look at the Tactic along with some throws in the field.

Raivis Markons-Craig

Raivis takes both the Tactic and the recently released PD3 out for a quick nine holes.

Dana Vicich

While getting onto the disc golf course might not be possible for many around the world, Dana Vicich took to his backyard to give the Tactic a workout.

Bartosz Kowalewski

Team Discmania’s Bartosz Kowalewski took both the Exo Hard and Exo Soft Tactics to the course to give them a full comparison.

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