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Gannon Buhr Joins Team Discmania!

The future of disc golf is here!

As we continue to Reinvent in the ever changing professional disc golf landscape, we are thrilled to usher in 2024 by signing a 3 year sponsorship agreement with Gannon Buhr!

The Shield Grows Stronger

Gannon Buhr boasts one of the most impressive competitive records for his time spent in the competitive disc golf scene. Don’t let his 18 years of age fool you, Gannon boasts elite level experience dating back to 2016 PDGA Junior World Championships. Gannon is simultaneously a veteran and one of the most promising future talents in disc golf!

Gannon brings with him several prestigious titles including;

  • 2-Time PDGA Junior World Champion
  • United States Disc Golf Champion
  • Des Moines Challenge Champion
  • The Open at Austin Champion
  • The Memorial Champion

In total, Gannon has accumulated 16 MPO wins, including 6 Disc Golf Pro Tour wins in just 2 years!

The Man Behind The Shield

Along with his competitive accomplishments, Gannon aligns with Discmania’s core values and mission. Since the beginning of Gannon’s career we have seen him strive to be the best, meet adversity, persist in his mission, and come out victorious.

In 2016 Gannon participated in the PDGA Junior Disc Golf World Championship, in which he finished third place. He knew if he stuck with it, and worked diligently, he would find success. A year later, he returned to that same division and competition. He went on to defeat the field by 30 strokes!

Before having a manufacturer sponsor, Gannon participated in our Discmania Combine - our unique recruiting event where unsigned players compete in several skill challenges and disc golf rounds for a chance to join Team Discmania. Though he was not selected for our team then, he did not let that be the end of his pursuit. He proved to us, and the world, he is here to make history.

Check this full interview with Gannon to hear about his journey to Team Discmania

Gannon exemplifies foresight, optimism, competitive drive, and work ethic. We can not think of values to embody with The Shield greater than this.

The Future is Here

We couldn’t be more ecstatic to have Gannon join us on this journey forward to new heights. We look forward to providing Gannon with the tools for success on and off the course.

Working closely with our players to Reinvent, create high performance equipment, and share their talent with the world is an honor and a passion for us here at Discmania. We know working together with Gannon to accomplish our shared goals holds nothing but success in 2024 and beyond!

Gannon’s First Discmania Disc!

In honor of Gannon joining Team Discmania, we started work with him immediately to produce his first ever Discmania disc. What will it be? Keep your eyes peeled for all the details dropping early next week.

Welcome to Team Discmania, Gannon!

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