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Instagram Favorites of the Shield: January 2018

Each month, we'll highlight some of our favorite photos on Instagram that not only feature Discmania, but more importantly, showcase the sport we love all around the world. This is truly an international showcase!

This month we've found some great ace photos, some beautiful landscape photos, and even some young Discmaniacs in the making.

This begs the obvious question: How can my Instagram post be selected? Be sure to tag @discmaniadiscs (giving us a follow doesn't hurt too), use the hashtags #discgolf, #disclife, or #discmania in your posts. We're only selecting a handful each month, but keep the photos coming and you'll possibly be one of the lucky ones.

In certain order, here are our selections for January 2018!


Congrats on the shot! We hope this is the start of a great year for you!


Our friend Overstable with one of his many great shots of Eagle McMahon.


Do you love these swirly P2s as much as we do? Be sure to check out the full gallery.


Eagle gets the showcase again. The full gallery showcases quite the throw.


Any sunset looks better with a DD2 in front of it, but this one stood out.


We hope that is a future Discmaniac! And yes, we think Dana Vicich would agree, you are doing it right.


The start of a beautiful friendship.


Team member Kyle Sawtelle hand drew this one. Not sure what is better: the drawing or the view?


Oh, hi there Luster P2.


Smooth hyzer flip ace with a P2? Sounds perfect. Congrats!


Hopefully it's the first of many. Great looking CD2!

Be sure to check back at the end of February for our next round of highlights. Remember, tag @discmaniadiscs and use the hashtags #discgolf, #disclife, or #discmania in your posts. Keep the photos coming! We love seeing what you come up with.

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