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Instagram Picks of the Shield: December 2018

Disc Life

2018 is coming to a close and it was certainly an exciting one for Discmania. We’ve loved showcasing your Instagram photos each and every month. We will continue to do this in 2019.

To be featured, tag your photos with #discmania, #disclife, or #discgolf, and we’ll take a look at the end of every month. Let’s take a look at this month’s selections.

Congrats to Eagle McMahon on his new contract!

Can’t beat a little disc golf on Finland’s Independence Day.

Another great Finnish disc golf round.

The G-Line CD2 is a great option in the snow!

Beautiful afternoon for disc golf. You’ll knock the rust off in no time. 

If you are near the Steel Club in Pennsylvania, be sure to check out the new DiscGolfPark!

Beautiful day for some winter disc golf. Great photo!

Team Discmania’s Lasse Jansson with quite the Christmas haul. 

Team Discmania’s Nate Perkins with a beautiful looking ride.

Nothing beats a Sky God ace! 

We’re nearly moved in to our Colorado home! Stay tuned for more! 

Perfect way to close out the year!

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