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The Legend of the Lost Stones Mystery Box: What to Expect

Discmania Mystery Box Season is back better than ever with new molds, plastic combinations, an interactive story and more!

Within this article you'll find a lot of useful information on what to expect for the Legend of the Lost Stones Mystery Boxes. We also encourage everyone to continue the saga with us as the Legend unfolds here on our website and our YouTube! 

The Legend of the Lost Stones

We are proud to present The Legend of the Lost Stones. Join our hero, Dallas Walton Jr., as he uncovers a Mystery left behind for him by his grandfather leading him to the ultimate treasure - the Cloud Stone!

"You may have heard about a mysterious stone – a stone that offers its owner a mighty power. A super power. I’m talking about Cloud Stone, a wondrous levitation stone, the stone of the future." - Dallas Walton (Grandfather)

Dallas Jr. won't be the only one with challenges to face. Discmaniacs have their own Mystery to uncover, and ways to become Legends in their own right.

We created a special Legend of the Lost Stones Treasure Hunt tasking you to search out hidden Lost Stones across the globe! Every Mystery Box also contains a key bringing recipients closer to their very own Cloud Stone.

Be sure to tune in for our live premier of Legends of the Lost Stones on our YouTube on November 23rd!

What are Lost Stones?

Lost Stones are special discs crafted with the Discmaniac in mind. Boasting new mold and plastic combinations, along with special Lost Stone stamps - they are sure to be a highlight in any enthusiast's bag or collection. Not only do they look amazing, but these perform amazing on the course as well!

Each Lost Stone has their own listed rarity, and even the colors of each are accounted for in the included Collector Guide. There may even be a very special reward for those committed to collecting all the rarest of Lost Stones.

Included in Every Mystery Box

Each Mystery Box comes packed with a variety of discs from Discmania's Originals and Evolution lines. You can expect;

  • 150% value for your money
  • 1 all new, never before seen or released Originals mold
  • 7 other discs making 8 total in each Mystery Box

As with previous Mystery Boxes, we want to make sure each box contains a great mix of plastics, molds, and specialties!

3 of the discs are guaranteed to be a Lost Stone (which includes the new Orignials mold). 

You will find 1 premium plastic First Run, Signature Series, or Creator Series disc.

2 discs inside will be stock run discs, one premium and one base plastic. 

Expect the remaining 2 discs to be misprint or X-Outs, one premium and one base plastic.

What would a Discmania Mystery Box be without some extra goodies? Each box comes with a special collectible along with a Collector Guide suitable for a display case by itself!

Unlock FREE SHIPPING on your Mystery Box order!

Did you know we offer free shipping on orders over $150? This also applies to Mystery Boxes! Pick up a Mystery Box plus some other goodies or go big with multiple Mystery Boxes to unlock the free shipping! 

** All bags and baskets are eligible for this offer as well within the United States. Need to get in that putting practice? We can help!

When can I expect my box to ship?

The holiday season continues with Mystery Boxes! Distributing all of these orders within a reasonable time frame takes a lot of work and we thank you in advance for your patience. Please note that promised order shipment dates does not also guarantee delivery date as well.

Every time we get a big surge of orders at once, getting them out the door fast takes a lot of work. This is true especially on our Mystery Box releases. Order processing is expected to take multiple days and we aim to have every box ordered by Friday, December 1st shipped out of our warehouse by Friday December 15th.

Please be patient, we're here to make sure your order finds you. These goodies are worth the wait! Orders are not necessarily processed in the order they came in, but instead in the order that's most efficient as a whole. We will keep an eye on holiday shipping deadlines, so no matter where you're from, we'll do our very best to make sure all orders placed by Friday December 1st make it out the door and to you in the time frame listed. Orders outside this window may experience extended delays for shipment and delivery dates.

*** This fulfillment window may also change, too. There is always a chance we can get these shipped sooner so make sure to check back often to see the status

For further information, see the global Mystery Box campaign page here!

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