Colten Montgomery Signature Session!

More EO action in the intertubes!

Last week we did a little post about the first round of the European Open 2011 being live at YouTube courtesy of lcgm8 Disc Golf & Innova Champion Discs. If you've already subscribed to lcgm8's channel, you've probably already noticed that a whole bunch more videos from EO2011 have been uploaded for your viewing pleasure. There's complete play-by-play footage from the second round of EO covering the two top cards: Parts 1-3 feature Nate Doss, Dave Feldberg, Paul McBeth and Team Discmania's 16-year-old Seppo Paju. Parts 4-6 feature lead cart action by Paul Ulibarri, KJ Nybo, Ville Piippo & Simon Lizotte.

Watch the complete 2nd round footage below:

In other news

Congrats to John Key for bringing home the 2011 USDGC Performance edition title! We'd also like to congratulate Team Discmania's Juho Rantalaiho for his solid 6th place finish, nice job mr Rantapallo!

Juho Rantalaiho, Team Discmania

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