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Mystery Box - The most exciting gift of the year

With the holiday season approaching, comes the tough task of purchasing gifts. Finding just the right gift for a disc golfer can be challenging. Lucky for you, we offer the perfect solution; Discmania Mystery Box!

Discmania Mystery Boxes are great choices for a gift to someone who loves disc golf. Let us tell you why:


The excitement

There's nothing quite like the feeling of opening one of these bad boys up. You'll never know what to expect. We've made sure there's always goodies you won't find anywhere else!

Getting you friends and family started on awesome Discmania discs has never been easier!



Balanced mix of different types of discs

We have been working all year to produce a very special selection of discs for this edition of our world famous Mystery Boxes. Each box contains a total of 9 discs. The boxes are guaranteed to include different types of discs in them; putter, midrange, fairway driver and distance driver in a wide variety of plastics. This ensures that you can expect to find a wide variety of different discs in these boxes!



150% value for your money

As some of you may already be familiar with our promise, it holds true this year as well - we guarantee that each and every Mystery Box includes at least 150% in retail value!

You get more for your buck and so does the disc golfer you’re buying for. Let’s just say your gift will also be 150% more valuable to them.



Unique and Special discs

Our Mystery Boxes always feature special stamps, limited releases, and at times, an unreleased disc that is not for sale. There are some discs we've included in our Mystery Boxes that have yet to be released today.

On top of all the special stamps and limited release discs, we always include an exciting edition-specific featured item in every box! The edition-specific item for this Mystery Box is an unreleased mold, DD1, in our unseen before Horizon plastic!


Watch our Live Show!

We at Discmania strive to make disc golf a truly global sport. Check out our new adventure and also learn more about the Mystery Boxes.


The Discmania Mystery Boxes are exclusively available at our Discmania Stores. You can find the Stratosphere Edition Mystery Boxes product pages here: North America here and Europe here.

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