New Release: Discmania Not-So-Swirly S-Line MD5

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The Discmania MD5 has become a reliable overstable midrange that can function as both a great option off the tee, but also a very useful approach disc. It’s time for the next chapter in the MD5’s life: the S-Line MD5.


Let’s address the obvious element in the naming convention for this disc. We don’t want to mislead folks and opted to call this version of the MD5 exactly what it looks like… not-so-swirly. It does carry the Swirl S-Line stamp, but the colors can’t really live up to that standard.

Flat Top, Very Overstable

While the looks aren’t the swirl monsters that we all enjoy, the flight of these MD5s are outstanding. The low profile is enhanced with a flat top which provides an ultra clean release on every throw.

In the air, these MD5s have a little beef to them. It can really handle a strong throw. Don’t sleep on these. While the MD5 has always had a nice fade, this run will show that fade a little earlier in the flight and fades with a little more speed too.

If you’ve been looking for that trustworthy overstable midrange, or you’ve wanted a slightly more stable MD5, this is the run for you.

How to Purchase a Not-So-Swirly S-Line MD5

The Discmania Not-So-Swirly S-Line MD5 will go on sale at 8 a.m. Pacific/11 a.m. Eastern on Monday, November 11. European sales will begin at 12 a.m. EEST.

Along with Discmania Dealers, the Not-So-Swirly S-Line MD5 will be available in the United States and worldwide at while European sales will be available at InnovaStore.

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