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New Signature Release: Colten Montgomery Special Blend S-Line PD Lone Howl 2

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It’s no secret the Discmania PD is one of the best discs in our lineup and we wanted to make sure we had something unique ready to go for the next signature release.

The Colton Montgomery Signature Discmania Special Blend S-Line PD Lone Howl 2 is the perfect mixture of everything we’ve been looking for.

Flight and Feel of the Lone Howl 2

The Lone Howl 2 is a great showcase of the familiar PD glide and stability. Not too much on either side, but enough to get you that extra distance and to hold up to a little power. These aren’t board flat, but just have a hint of dome which really helps the flight.

Montgomery himself is known to rip a PD down the fairway and the Lone Howl 2 will be just what he’s been looking for.

The Special Blend S-Line plastic will have a hint of swirl to them, but it’s the feel that makes the difference. Super grippy, a touch soft, and easy to hold. This one is hard to top.

Release of the Lone Howl 2

The Discmania Montgomery Special Blend S-Line PD Lone Howl 2 will go on sale at Thursday, December 10 in both the United States and Europe.

The Lone Howl 2 will be exclusively available at Discmania Dealers everywhere. These will not be sold on Discmania.net, for example. Find your favorite dealer and send a little love their way.

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