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P1 Reinvented - Everything you need to know!

We sent P1's to our Discmania Ambassadors and asked them to give us their thoughts. From sweet flight lines to tasty snacks, they delivered the goods!

Tanner Disc Golf

Tanner takes us on a trip around the putting green and shapes some nice lines around his local wooded course!

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Caddie Disc Golf

Sit down, relax, have a cookie, and check out Ryan's thoughts on the P1 flight and feel.

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Daily Disc Golf

Curious how the P1 and P2 stack up? Or maybe you have a little more arm speed and wonder how the P1 will fly for you.. Noah has you covered!

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The Ace Man (@pierce_the_sky_dg)

Ace Man doing what The Ace Man does.. What else is there to say about this one?

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Release Info

First Run P1 drops Tuesday, 8/23 on Discmania US and Europe stores. 
Stock P1 drops the day after on Wednesday, 8/24!

Release Times:

US: 9:00 AM MDT
Europe: 12:00 PM EEST

Make sure to like the videos and subscribe to our Team's channels above to stay up to date on all the new releases! 


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