Pro Worlds: Seppo Paju Aces at the Distance Exhibition, Schusterick at 3rd place, Aces too

The talk of the day has been our 16-year-old Team member Seppo Paju, who cashed in a nice 500 bucks at the Pro Worlds Distance Exhibition by shooting an incredible hole in one on his second shot. To Seppo's surprise the basket was placed "a mere" 120m/395ft away from the pier so he couldn't use the distance discs (DD2) he had with him. A quick stop at a Pro Shop didn't get Seppo the disc he was looking for (PD2) but thankfully the second option, Innova's Firebird got the job done. Congratulations Seppo!

Here's the vids:

You can read Seppo's thoughts about the ace and the tournament so far from his blog: http://seppopaju.wordpress.com/ (only in finnish)

Schusterick moving up the Scoreboard

Will Schusterick Will Schusterick ripping it at the European Open.

Team Discmania & Innova member Will Schusterick was also playing hot on Thursday (and all week for that matter) and his 1061-rated round lifted him to the lead cart for Friday. Will is currently standing at the third place with 7 strokes separating him from the top position. There's still plenty of holes to go so it's still anyone's game!

Here's how to follow the competition:

Official Pro Worlds -website

The results @ pdga.com

Live Broadcasts @ DiscGolfPlanet.tv


Check out a different angle to Seppo's Ace:

***UPDATE 2***

Will Schusterick ACES at Pinto Lake Course (Round 4)! Will throws Innova´s Star Destroyer straight into the basket at hole #9 with a skip shot.

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