From the Community: Discmania Razor Claw Tactic Reviews

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Last year, it was the Cloud Breaker DD3. This year it’s the Razor Claw Tactic. The new signature disc for Team Discmania’s Eagle McMahon is an exciting addition to our lineup that many have been clamoring for.

Initially released as part of the 2019 Mystery Box, the Razor Claw will be in full production soon and will be available everywhere you can find Discmania.

Until then, we’re loving what disc golfers everywhere are saying about the Razor Claw. We’ve compiled a number of the latest Razor Claw review videos. These are a must watch!

Eagle McMahon

The man himself was pretty excited to get his hands on these. It’s been a long time coming, but be sure to watch what he can do with his new signature disc.

Thunder Disc Golf

Davey gives the Razor Claw a workout and details how this disc will likely kick out a few discs in his bag due to just how useful this new disc is.

Caddie Disc Golf

Ryan puts the Razor Claw to the test against some other discs to see how it stacks up against some other favorites in the disc golf community.

Bartosz Kowalewski

Team Discmania’s Bartosz Kowalewski showcases how the Razor Claw Tactic performs compared to a few other discs, but also provides a great example of how useful the Tactic is at various distances. It can certainly do quite a bit.

Simon Lizotte

To close things out, Team Discmania’s Simon Lizotte takes a one-disc challenge with the Tactic. Every hole. Every shot. It’s only the Tactic. Can’t miss this!

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