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Retooled C-Line FD2, Soft P-Line P2 with new Flight Numbers Set for Release

A pair of releases help us get into the swing of things in 2020 and while both have a familiar feel, they bring along some changes as well.

Discmania C-Line FD2 2019 Retool

After initially being released as the Leo Piironen signature series Royal Rage, the C-Line FD2 is finally here as a stock disc.

This is the third tooling of the FD2 and we are really loving how these turned out. We’ve been chasing the perfect FD2 for a while and feel we’re pretty close with these. A true stable-to-overstable fairway driver that can handle some power and really give you the results you’re looking for on the course. You can trust that it won’t turn away from you and it will always come back with that predictable fade.

Much like the Royal Rage, this run of FD2 is quite flat. Additionally, these came out a little stiffer than the Royal Rage which was in the Color Glow C-Line plastic.

If you’ve been waiting for this run, act fast as we feel this is exactly what you’ve been waiting for.

Discmania Soft P-Line P2

While the P2 is the same P2 that you know and love, we made one change to make note of. Instead of the traditional flight numbers of 2, 3, 0, 1, we’ve adjusted them to 2, 3, 0, 2.

When the P2 was first born, the flight numbers were based on a softer, more under stable plastic blend. As time has gone on, we’ve seen the plastic blend change to where there is a bit more fade than before. While we’re starting this change with the Soft P-Line P2, all P2s will soon wear the 2 fade rating.

For those that still want a putter with those 2, 3, 0, 1 flight ratings, the Discmania Evolution Link is exactly what you’re looking for.

This also marks addition of the Soft P-Line P2 to our standard lineup. Previously, this has been a limited release. 

Release Information

Both the new C-Line FD2 (2019 Retool) and Soft P-Line P2 with the new flight numbers will be released on Thursday, January 30 at 11 a.m. eastern/8 a.m. pacific time on Discmania.net in the United States and worldwide.

These two molds have been available in Europe since last fall. We do need to note that the FD2 has a different stamp in Europe, but is from the same run. For those in Europe, Innova store has the Soft P-Line P2 and C-Line FD2 (2019 Retool) in stock today.

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