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Sateentekijä - Finnish Heritage Series Rainmaker

Discmania Finnish Heritage Series continues with the all new Sateentekijä!

Sateentekijä comes from the Finnish words “sade” and “tehdä”. Sade means rain, and tehdä translates to make. Smash those up and you have a Finnish Rainmaker!

Finnish Heritage

Discmania’s history is deeply rooted in Finland, and we continue to operate out of our Tampere Headquarters. We hold one of the largest European tournaments, the European Open, in the heart of Finland.

Having Finnish staff and players representing Discmania across the world, on and off the course, brings us much pride. The support of Finnish disc golfers as customers, tournament directors, and Discmaniacs continues to honor us. This is our way of showing that history and pride.

Make it Sade

The rainy streets of Tampere, the lush forests of Aulanko, beautiful mountain birds across Finland, and Eagle McMahon reigning as European Open Champion make the Rainmaker a perfect choice for the next entry in the Heritage Series.

Sateentekijä features a unique stamp only available in this single drop - we will not be producing any more with these stamps. For those wanting to collect all our Finnish Heritage Series stamps, make sure to get in early to purchase yours as these will come in limited quantities.

Get your Sateentekijä using the links below on March 29th!

US Product Page

Europe Product Page

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