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Signature Series: Discmania Montgomery Swirl S-Line PD Lone Howl

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If you have ever seen Team Discmania’s Colten Montgomery crush a Discmania PD, you know he can do some amazing things with one of our most popular discs. The PD is an absolute staple in his bag and this year’s Signature Series disc for Montgomery is a perfect fit.

Introducing the Discmania Montgomery Swirl S-Line PD Lone Howl.

Flight of the Lone Howl

The Lone Howl brings together one of our most popular discs in one of our most popular plastic bends. The great grip of the Swirl S-Line plastic gives you a lot of confidence in an already trustworthy disc. The plastic in this run is a bit flexible with a flatter top than some PD runs.

In the air, you’ll also notice a bit more glide than previous Swirl S-Line PDs. The glide will help you get a little extra distance out on the course with the same flight you’ve come to love in the PD.

Compared to the Color Glow PDs, these will be a little more overstable. On the other side of things, these will be less overstable than the previous S-Line and C-Line PDs. Think of the Lone Howl as something right in the middle.

How to Buy a Lone Howl

The Discmania Montgomery Swirl S-Line PD Lone Howl will go on sale at 8 a.m. Pacific/11 a.m. Eastern on Monday, September 9. European sales will begin at 12 a.m. EEST.

Along with Discmania Dealers, the Lone Howl will be available in the United States and worldwide at while European sales will be available at InnovaStore.

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