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Signature Series: Piironen Color Glow C-Line FD2 Royal Rage

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Ever since it’s release, the Discmania FD2 has caught quite the following, but we’ve always been searching for the ultimate FD2 flight. We feel we’ve reached the peak with the new Leo Piironen Color Glow C-Line FD2 Royal Rage.

The FD2 was first born after the second run of it’s FD cousin. With a very stable-to-overstable flight, there quickly was a demand for something like the second-run FD to be a permanent spot in Discmania’s lineup. Through multiple tweaks and adjustments, we feel we have finally dialed in a flight of the FD2 that disc golfers have been searching for.

Flight of the Royal Rage FD2

The Royal Rage FD2 brings a little less glide than the FD and a more stable flight. It will resist a turn and fade a little harder while still being a workhorse fairway driver.

“This is really close to the famous second-run FD,” Piironen says. “I couldn't be more excited about the disc. It also fits really nice on my hand when throwing sidearm. Throws were approximately 375-400 feet and with my throwing speed it flew nice and straight having a reliable fade. It’s a pretty awesome disc.”

About Leo Piironen

Leo Piironen has been one of the longest serving members of Team Discmania. He first joined the team in 2010 and just signed a two-year extension which will make him a part of the team through 2020.

From Lahti, Finland, Leo is a tremendous putter and one of the calmest pros you’ll come across. He is a three-time Finnish Champion (2012, 2016, and 2018) and won the European Championship in 2016.

How to Purchase a Royal Rage FD2

The Discmania Leo Piironen Color Glow C-Line FD2 Royal Rage will go on sale in the United States and worldwide at 11 a.m. Eastern Time/8 a.m. Pacific on Wednesday, March 27. European sales will be available midnight Wednesday morning at Innovastore.

Be sure to check your favorite Discmania Dealer beginning Wednesday for the Royal Rage!

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