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Simon Lizotte - In the Bag 2018

One of the most common questions we get asked is “What does Simon Lizotte throw?” After his hot start to the 2018 season thanks to his win at the Memorial Championships, it’s time to take a look at what is in the bag for Simon Lizotte for the 2018 season.

You’ll notice a new putter selection along with some staples that have been in the bag for years.







    • C-Line P2, Sky God - 175g


“Many were surprised to hear I switched from the D-Line P2 to the D-Line P1x for my putting putters...It’s a whole new putting game for me which is what I needed to reinvent my game. Four white ones and one team stamp for shorter up shots.”

“For my driving and throwing putters, I like these to be nice and overstable. One S-Line P2 and the new C-Line P2 Sky God. Love the feeling of the C-Line plastic. A little more overstable.”

Simon Lizotte - In the Bag






    • C-Line MD4 - 180g




“Only four midranges. The Cresent Falcon was a special release last year. I’ll use this for shorter upshots. The other C-Line MD4 was given to me by my Icelandic friend. This is more of a lucky charm disc.”

“The C-Line MD is also new to the bag. I didn’t have any discs in Switzerland at Boot Camp and took this from our trainer’s bag. Hit an ace the first round I played with it. Slightly understable and holds any line.”

“Finally, the Glow C-Line MD3. This is an older run that I took out of my bag two years ago, but it’s nice and straight. Can trust it in any situation.”


Fairway Drivers




    • D-Line FD - 175g



    • Swirly S-Line FD3 - 175g



“This is my favorite part of the game. The tee shots, the drives. This is my strength.”

“The FDs are the greatest fairway driver ever made. It’s like throwing a midrange, but with a bit more speed and distance. I throw the second runs which are a bit more overstable. I need the added stability due to my arm speed.”

“The D-Line FD is my trick shot disc. It’s unlike anything else I’d ever throw. It’s super understable. If I throw it on an anhyzer line it will flip completely on it’s back.”

“For overstable shots, one of my personal favorites, the Swirly S-Line FD3 Doom Bird! Overstable, trustworth, consistent. Everything I need. Another Swirly S-Line FD3 with my soulmate dyed on it: Princess Anna from Frozen. I love it!”

“One of the most underrated discs out there: the C-Line CD2. It’s like a longer FD. Same flight, but faster. An ideal roller disc for me.”


Distance Drivers




    • C-Line PD, First Run - 175g



    • C-Line PD2 (3) - 175g


“Two really special PDs. Both are first runs. I’ve had the S-Line in my rooms or six or seven years. I’ve never thrown it, but want to see what it can do for me. The C-Line PD has been in my bag for years. Thanks to Avery Jenkins for this one.”

“I’ve loved and trusted the C-Line PD2 for years. Most overstable and furthers flying disc I’ve thrown. The first run is slightly less stable which I need for my sidearm which isn’t that strong. Two of them are just normal stock runs. I love the feeling of them. These are my go-to drivers. The last one is a meat hook that I can trust in any headwind.”

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