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Simon Lizotte’s Next Signature Disc: Release Plans

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Over the last few months we’ve been open with our thought process on improving the customer experience for each of our new releases. Demand continues to be greater than predicted and we’re forever grateful for the support we receive from each and every one of you.

We’re getting closer to our next big release and wanted to continue the transparency and discuss the plans surrounding this next drop.

Smooth Night Strike 3 Release

With the the recent Night Strike 3 release we altered our release plans a bit with various actions.

First, we limited sales on the Discmania Store to just one disc per customer for the first 24 hours. This allowed many more Discmaniacs to pick up this release at the intended price.

Secondly, we limited the release to just brick and mortar Discmania Dealers. This was a hard decision to make and we received a lot of great feedback and ideas for how we want to move forward in this type of situation.

We’re very happy with how the Night Strike 3 release went and hope we can build upon that.

New Simon Lizotte Signature Disc

Team Discmania’s Simon Lizotte has a new signature driver. We aren’t releasing the name or the mold quite yet, but you’ll find out soon.

More details, including release date, will come prior to that, but we think you’re going to love what we’ve put together.

Limited Release Plans

The new signature disc will be exclusively released globally on Discmania website and InnovaStore in Europe. As we work through all of the factors that go into improving our customer experience, this is a step we feel we need to make.

The total inventory for this release is lower than we’d like it to be. The order for this disc was placed many months ago and making adjustments to the schedule is quite difficult. This, coupled with the increased demand we’ve seen doesn’t produce an ideal outcome unless we keep the limited release plans.

We’re extremely focused on customer service. Your feedback, complaints and ideas are valid. If you are wanting this release, we aim to provide the best opportunity to get one. This will also block out the scalping we’ve seen on many signature releases.

We do have the goal of making these popular signature discs available to dealers everywhere, but we need to ensure we do it the right way and in a way that is actually better for everyone involved.

We’re heading in the right direction and we’ve recalibrated all of our plans in the recent months. As we’ve stated, you deserve better and we will be better.

More details on Simon’s new disc will be released soon. We think you’re going to love it!

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