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Simon Lizotte to end his career


We didn't see this coming. This is a sad day for the disc golf world. Our dear friend and a great human being, a star player and the current frisbee distance world record holder Simon Lizotte has surprisingly decided to quit playing disc golf and move on with his life. He will start working with his favorite fast food chain - the McDonald's - in the beginning of May.

Simon has never done anything for money. He does things he enjoys. Even though Simon's disc golf career has a perfect momentum right now, he hasn't been enjoying the demanding tour life lately. Playing tournaments and hosting his Flying Circus tour is more than a full-time job and has taken all of Simon's energy. We have respected and will always respect Simon's judgments and want to support him whatever he feel is the right thing to do. Possibly he could make a come back some day, and he's got a lot of years to really find his calling. We hope he will return one day.

"I noticed that I get angry too often in the events and I feel like I haven't been myself for a long time. I made the hard decision to move on with my life. Disc golf has been a part of it since I was 2 years of age. It surely will in the future too, but touring like this is not for me. For sure the hardest decision of my life. I want to thank all my fans and I apologize for letting you down. Luckily, the red and yellow colors of Discmania don't change much when I switch to McDonald's and I still get to work with my passion. If you come to Germany, you can stop by and say hi at the McDonald's near Bremen's railway station.", Simon says.

Simon stops his tour immediately and will fly back to Germany.

We want to thank you Simon for our unforgettable trip together. We welcome you wholeheartedly back anytime. All the best for your new venture!

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