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Some old faithful Swedes back in the team

It's 2011! Are you excited already? Good, 'cause we sure are! Lot's of interesting stuff happening this year. European Open 2011 and the release of a new plastic blend from Discmania to name a few.

But let's start this year by celebrating a couple of Swedish guys. Even as a Finnish company, we here at Discmania never were too big on the whole rivalry setting between Finland and Sweden. And let's be honest, what is there not to love about Sweden? From the mind-puzzling practicality of those IKEA furnitures to the fiery hot blond-haired girls, Sweden seems like pretty fair deal, don't you think?

Now to the actual subject of the article (We got distracted by the thought of Swedish girls, kind of an re-occurring scenario in our day-to-day life) we are very happy to inform that Anders Swärd and Hans Tegebäck will both be wearing the Discmania-colors also in 2011.  For these fine gentlemen, 2011 marks the 4th year in Team Discmania, and we're very happy to have the guys aboard.

Anders Swärd Anders Swärd

Anders is probably one of the classiest players out there with his always very finesse moves around the course. Accuracy is the strongest point in Anders' game and you'll know what we're talking about once you watch him play. Very few players can reach such aggressive straight lines that Anders can with a PD in his hand.

Hans Tegebäck getting ready for an upshot at the European Open 2009. Hans Tegebäck getting ready for an upshot at the European Open 2009.

Hans ie. Hasse on the other hand is a real disc golf personality with a track record in disc sports running as far as 1979. Over 30 years of field experience have brought this great player numerous national titles and he is currently the highest rated Master division player in Europe. And we're happy have him as the Swedish country representative as well. So if you're from Sweden and have questions about our products, you can contact Hasse at hasse@discmania.se

This is it for now, but we a can assure you that cool stuff is still to come. For one, Chaos will rise very soon...

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