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Summer 2020 Mystery Box: Delayed

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In recent year’s we’ve released a summer edition of The Mystery Box in early June. These releases are usually filled with a new signature disc, limited release, or something that isn’t even on your radar. Due to the novel coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic, we’re delaying this year’s campaign to July.

Along with new production timelines and operating at a limited capacity, we want to ensure those who purchase a Mystery Box get the same experience they have come to expect.

Again, while the situation can change yet again, we are still planning on a Mystery Box in July. We’re very excited for what we have planned, but we want to do things right. Once we have some boxes ready, you can count on finding them at (worldwide shipping) and (EU + Norway, Iceland & Switzerland).

Throughout the recent months we can’t thank our customers enough for their continued understanding and patience as we strive to do our best given the situation we’ve been dealt.

Until then, we’re not slowing down. Hope you can join us for the ride. For updates on new products, make sure to subscribe to our store newsletter. You can also subscribe to the InnovaStore newsletter.

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