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Tampere Disc Golf Center Opens to Much Praise

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Discmania’s DiscGolfPark initiative has established disc golf courses of all kinds around the world. From championship caliber courses to friendly neighborhood layouts perfect for beginners, a DiscGolfPark course is disc golf’s most complete course design service available.

One of the most notable DiscGolfParks in recent memory officially opened on July 1, 2018. The Tampere Disc Golf Center caters to disc golfers of all levels with 27-holes and three playable layouts. Designed by Discmania CEO and DiscGolfPark founder Jussi Meresmaa and Tommi Vesala, this world-class disc golf experience has only just begun to make an impact on the sport.

Planning of Tampere Disc Golf Center

The initial bid for the Tampere Disc Golf Center was made on March 21, 2016. Over the next two-plus-years, countless hours of design, planning, and construction took place.

With a budget of €340,000 (approx. $400,000), the course took nine months to design. The goal from the start was nothing but the best.

"This is a place I have been dreaming of since I got into the game in mid 90s," Meresmaa says. "It's been a huge project and I'm happy how it turned out. It takes few years to really get in shape for the major play. Big thanks to City of Tampere believing our vision. This course will be a mecca for disc golfers in Europe.”

When all was said and done, 1,300 truck-loads of dirt were used to construct the course. Fairways were groomed, putting greens were crafted, and overall course landscape was fine tuned until just before the grand opening.

Best of all, it is free to play and open to the public.

Layouts of the Tampere Disc Golf Center

Currently 25 holes are open with the remaining two still under construction. Once complete, the 27 holes will bring three unique layouts. First, 27 holes designed for disc golfers of all levels. Playing at a par 91, disc golfers can experience everything the Tampere Disc Golf Center has to offer.

If 27 holes is too much for one day, the 18-hole Silver layout is also optimized for all disc golfers. At a shorter par 59, you will still be tested, but find a quicker route through the course.

Finally, the 18-hole Gold layout has been tailored for pro-level players. Designed as the perfect test for the sport’s best, this layout will surely prove who is at the top of their game.

Additional Features of the Tampere Disc Golf Center

Tampere Disc Golf Center

For most disc golf courses, the course itself is typically the only feature you’ll find. While a practice basket is quite common, a full-sized driving range isn’t. The Tampere Disc Golf Center has built in a driving range with three DiscGolfPark TeePads perfect to help you warm up and perfect your throws before heading out on the course.

In addition to the driving range, there is a cafe and new PowerGrip pro shop right next to the course. Before you head out on that first tee, a short walk is what stands between you and a pair of fresh Discmania P2 putters.

Grand Opening of the Tampere Disc Golf Center

Simon Lizotte at the Tampere Disc Golf Center

While the Tampere Disc Golf Center will play host to the 2018 Finnish Nationals later this month, the course was opened with an exhibition Best Shot Doubles match that included Discmania’s Simon Lizotte and Leo Piironen.

Lizotte says he was impressed after playing in the exhibition, "You can sense the amount of effort that was put into this course. Truly unique. Possibly the most challenging and difficult layout in disc golf. Give this place some time and it will be one of worlds best!"

SpinTV was there to capture all the action!

Tampere Disc Golf Center Grand Opening Front Nine

Tampere Disc Golf Center Grand Opening Back Nine

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