Team Discmania brings home the titles

"This time I'll do it for sure" wrote Team Discmania member Seppo Paju on his blog on last Thursday, just a day before the Finnish Championships started at Oulu, Finland. With tough competitors like Discmania CEO Jussi Meresmaa, 2-time Finnish Champion Jesse Heinonen and Discmania Cash Money Tour winner Pasi Koivu aiming for the title, the road towards the championship was never going to be an easy one for just 16-year-old Seppo. Seppo's key to success this time was being able to improve his game towards the end of the tournament and it was his 1067-rated final round that made Seppo the youngest Finnish champion in open division with the highest rated round ever played in Finnish championships.

Do we even need remind you guys, that Seppo is definitely a player you should keep an eye on ;) Here's a clip of the two final holes by Seppo and Pasi Koivu, who was placed 2nd in the tournament:

Other highlights of the tournament included Team Discmania's Anne Matilainen's win in the women's division and Jussi Meresmaa's 3rd place in Open, despite his bad first round which placed him 15th before moving day.

More vids from the tournament can be found at the SM2011 -youtube channel.

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