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Team Discmania Checks Out Kyle Klein Vanguard

With the release of Kyle Klein's Creator Series Vanguard approaching quickly, we've noticed many Discmaniacs asking what to expect in the feel and flight. 

Look no further - we collected all the first looks, reviews, flight tests, and more from Team Discmania!

Flight Lines and Comparisons

Bartosz Kowalewski takes the Vanguard, Nordic Phenom II, and C-Line CD1 out to the field for a full flight comparison.

Vanguard One Disc Challenge

Reliant Disc Golf's Alex Young and Caleb Bruce throw down a one disc round challenge.

Fighting the Wind

"What up Huck Squad?!" Noah Cronin of Daily Disc Golf tests the Vanguard in cross, head, and tail winds so you can know how it will perform in varying conditions.

Quick Rips

Zach Cole demonstrates the Nordic Phenom, CD1, FD1, and Vanguard on back to back crushes.

Join the Vanguard

Grab your Vanguard right here on Discmania.net starting August 2nd! 
CLICK HERE to get yours!

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