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Thank you Simon for this journey of a lifetime

Discmania has had the pleasure of working with the German Wunderkind for an entire decade. What started as a relationship between a relatively unknown young European distance thrower and a relatively small disc golf company, eventually morphed into a bond between two household names in disc golf. Along the way we created world records, flying circuses, Major victories, and Pro Tour wins. We made history, we made people laugh, we drove sports cars in a desert, and reinvented the game.

The ride has been an enjoyable one. A journey of a lifetime. It has been great to watch Simon grow up. He started out his career in Team Discmania as a road warrior in the Discmania RV and finishes it as a family man with his own home in Massachusetts. Simon will forever be a part of the Discmania family. This relationship has really allowed both Simon, and Discmania to reach new heights. He will forever be a part of our company's story, and we will forever be a part of his.

We want to thank Simon for making our fans smile. Whether they are in the woods of Finland, the beaches of California, or the mountains of Colorado, Simon has a knack for bringing a smile to people's faces. Even in the heat of an intense playoff situation, Simon finds a way to make it fun. And for that we are grateful.

As a company, we will root for Simon wherever this sport takes him. No matter what company colors he chooses to wear, or who he is faced up against, Discmania will wish nothing but success for Mr. Lizotte.

Simon will always be wearing red and gold in our hearts. Simon, we're excited to watch you continue to grow, continue to break records and win events, setting milestones on and off the course. Good luck in the next chapter of your career!

Thank you for representing the shield for the last decade.

-Your Discmania Family

As our beloved Crush Boy departs, we want to make one last celebration to our 10 years of memories together. These beautiful Horizon FD3s were made before Simon's decision to leave. Both Simon and us want to make this last flight together. We are dropping a limited amount of his Doom Bird 4s to Discmania fans around the world on Monday, January 9th. Read more about The Last Flight here.

**For all customers that have pre-ordered Doom Birds, your order is expected to ship around March as advertised

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