Grab your box and Solve the mystery!


Discmania proudly presents a new Mystery filled with adventure, intrigue, and never before seen gems.

We packed this year’s Mystery Boxes with Lost Stones: new mold and plastic combinations, highly requested Reinvented discs, and keys to uncovering the ultimate Lost Stone… the Cloud Stone!

We set out to make this the best Mystery Box in the sport with exclusive artwork, new plastics, new discs, and an interactive storyline. Elevating our Mystery Box to a level never before seen means an opening experience like no other - perfect for celebrating holidays or just putting a smile on any disc golfer’s face!

A Legend in the Making

Join our hero, Dallas Walton Jr, as he unfolds a saga passed down generations. Our journey begins with Dallas discovering a letter from his late grandfather, which speaks of a mysterious Cloud Stone. Enticed by rumors of a super power, Dallas must use his wits and courage to solve the riddles left behind for him and uncover the path to the Cloud Stone.

Though this Mystery won’t be solved by Dallas alone - Discmaniacs across the world are invited to become legends in their own right. Hidden Stones, a lifetime of Mystery, and more await!

Check often for updates, clues, and challenges to aid you in your journey.

Good luck!

New to Discmania Mystery Box?

Each year Discmania releases a special Mystery Box only available for a limited time. In the early years, these boxes contained a mixture of; stock products, factory blemished discs, assorted Signature discs, and the occasional rarity. Steadily these Discmania Mystery Boxes became more and more of an event for fans of not only Discmania products, but disc golfers in general.

Opening Discmania Mystery Box quickly became a tradition shared with friends, families, and even YouTube channels like the video below.

Since then, we at Discmania have made it our mission to not only be the first premier Disc Golf Mystery Box - but the best Mystery Box in disc golf in value and experience. Every step of the customer experience is considered from the excitement of opening our boxes, to the wow factor pulling out each product within, to providing high performance products that can last a lifetime.

This year we set out to bring all this to the next level, and we can not wait until disc golfers around the world get to see the Discmania Legend of the Lost Stones Mystery Box.

Discmania Mystery Box means an exciting, fun, and unique experience all while giving the best value for the money in disc golf. If this is your first Discmania Mystery Box, this is the perfect time to join in this yearly event!

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