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Turning Åland into Disc Golf Island

Disc Life

Disc golfers of all skill levels are always searching for the ultimate disc golf destination vacation. The perfect location packed with courses, beautiful scenery, and an environment that can’t be beat. There are areas of the world that come close, but nothing quite checks all the boxes... until now.

We’re excited to introduce the world’s largest DiscGolfPark. In fact, it’s 16 DiscGolfParks in the Åland Islands and it is opening this summer.

The project was envisioned by Mats Adamczak who serves as Åland’s Chairman for the Federation of Small Businesses. Adamczak actually plays many roles, but is a leading force in helping develop the tourism and commerce scene for Åland. With support and backing from the local communities, governments, and individuals, Adamczak joined forces with DiscGolfPark by Discmania to take this vision and make it a reality.

Where are the Åland Islands?

The Åland Islands, or just Åland, is a series of independent islands situated between Sweden and Finland. They operate their own government and fly their own flag.

Åland, pronounced Ohland, has 30,000 people across just 1,500 sq/km (approx 580 sq/miles). To put that in perspective, Rhode Island, the smallest state in the United States is 1,212 sq/mi with just over one million people.

From the left: The president of Åland Roger Nordlund, The Prime Minister Veronica Thörnroos, Chairman of Business Entrepreneurs - Mats Adamczak, Minister of Trade and Industry - Fredrik Karlström , Swedish Consul General - Claes Hammar.  Photo: Therese Andersson

From the left:
The president of Åland Roger Nordlund, The Prime Minister Veronica Thörnroos, Chairman of Business Entrepreneurs - Mats Adamczak, Minister of Trade and Industry - Fredrik Karlström , Swedish Consul General - Claes Hammar.  Photo: Therese Andersson

World’s Largest DiscGolfPark

DiscGolfPark has been designing some of the world’s best disc golf courses since 2006. There is no other company in the world is better suited to create and install 16 disc golf courses in just a matter of months. From course signage, industry leading turf tee pads, and the best course design around, each of these 16 courses will be getting the top treatment.

The project will be a mix of 18-hole and 9-hole courses. They will all share a similar feeling, but also be able to stand alone.

“If you own or rent a boat, you can probably play all 16 courses in three days without stress,” Adamczak says. Five of the courses are on one small island, for example. There are ferries that allow you to take a car with you, but they don’t run that often, maybe three times per day. There are some locals who are planning the best routes so you can do it in a full day, you might need 20 hours to make it happen though.”

The one-day disc golf marathon seems like the perfect activity for the traditional Midsommer celebration. The longest day of the year provides the best environment to make it happen.

If you want to try and do it in one day or make a trip out of it, there is no doubt that the Åland DiscGolfPark will have something for every disc golfer.

Each municipality with a course will also have custom stamped discs that will only be available in that specific area. Hit all the courses and collect them all.

DiscGolfPark in Åland

Course Density

With the low population and small land mass, this project will turn Åland into the most disc golf dense area in the world. Once this project is over, Åland will have more disc golf courses than much larger nations such as Spain and South Korea.

We’ll also see the equivalent of 533.3 courses per one million people and 103 courses per 10,000 sq/km. The United States clocks in at 20.1 courses per one million people and 4.1 courses per 10,000 sq/km. Finland, where disc golf continues to show monster growth, comes in at 111 courses per one million people and 20.2 courses per 10,000 sq/km.

One municipality in Åland that will have a course is home to just 90 individuals. The 9-hole course will mean one hole for every 10 people in the community.

It doesn’t matter how you chop it up, Åland’s DiscGolfPark will be like nothing else in the world.

DiscGolfPark by Discmania

Along with making this project become the ultimate disc golf destination, Discmania is elevating DiscGolfPark as part of our company and rebranding the business to DiscGolfPark by Discmania. We’ve always been involved, but this will get DiscGolfPark ready as we push the evolution of disc golf.

DiscGolfPark by Discmania

When asked why Åland wanted to go with DiscGolfPark by Discmania over other companies, Adamczak had a simple answer: Experience.

“The DiscGolfPark team captured the feeling that I’m after,” Adamczak says. “The team believes they can fulfill the dreams that I can start on the island. For example, they know how to help get a PDGA tournament for Åland and to build that into a larger tournament in the future. The experience matters.”

Project Timeline

DiscGoflPark by Discmania course designers are already in Åland planning courses and laying the groundwork. Once course designs are finalized, materials will be delivered and installation will begin. The ultimate goal is to have all of the courses up and running this summer.

We’re excited to be a part of this incredible project. Åland will easily be Disc Golf Island once we’re complete.

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