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US Tour Blog #1 - On the Road Adventures

It has been an incredible and adventurous 8 weeks on the road for the Discmania Deep in the Game US Tour. We have hosted 10 Disc Golf Instructional Clinics and traveled over 5000 miles at this point taking us all the way to the East Coast. A tour unlike any other that I have been a part of throughout my 15 years on the PDGA Tour but probably one of the most fun Disc Golf Tours that I’ve experienced thus far in my career!

We have competed in a few tournaments so far but have been really focusing our efforts towards the Disc Golf Instructional Clinics along with lots of promotion. The tournaments in the spring are very sparse and spread out quite a bit which makes for difficult traveling. At this point we have finished 10 of the 20 scheduled clinics, they have been a total success as we have helped lots of participants improve their games in efforts to become better players along the way. But as with anything, it starts with the players dedicating time to the practice field to expand their skills and ability. Thanks to all of our local coordinators that helped to advertise and organize these clinics.

We have traveled through 13 of the 20 Southern States so far as we made our way from the West to the East Coast. The Discmania Motorhome “The Maniac” has been holding up very nicely with only one serious repair in replacing the back suspension but from what I could see, it was long over due. Other than that, it’s driving just fine and getting us safely to where we want to go, each and every day. The only problem that we face is just having enough room for all of the Discmania Inventory including all of our personal stuff but that’s life on the road.

All in all, it has been a lot of fun to have some visitors along with us on the road during the first month of our travels through Arizona, New Mexico and Texas. My parents, Leroy and Sharon Jenkins along with my girlfriend, Leah Taylor, were part of the Discmania Tour Caravan for several weeks taking parts of the early adventures and helping us to set up the clinics. We also had the pleasure of having James Thomas, the videographer for The Spin TV, on the road with us for 3-weeks capturing some great footage of life on the tour as a Professional Touring Disc Golfer. He also got to experience what we do on a day to day basis for himself, something that every player should at least try out once to see what it’s all about. It’s not easy but we definitely make the absolute best out of these great opportunities!

As the Deep in the Game US Tour continues...

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