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Summer X-Out Mystery Boxes Return!

After a long hiatus, Discmania summer Mystery Boxes return! Back with a mission, we built the ultimate X-Out Mystery Box out there. Featuring awesome new art on Originals and Evolution molds, this is the best deal in disc golf.

What's In The Box??

Discmaniacs asked over the years for Mystery Boxes including even more misprint discs. We’re happy to announce that these requests have been heard! For the first time since 2016, we’re releasing a Mystery Box composed entirely of misprint or X-Out discs.

Each box features the following disc types as misprints or X-Outs:

  • 3 Signature/Creator series discs
  • 4 Premium discs
  • 2 Baseline discs
  • Originals and Evolution line discs only

The Best Deal in Disc Golf

Each box contains 9 discs in total for just $79.99! We spared no expense spicing up these already unique discs with new stamp variations and a special set of never before released “X-Mania” designs.

Large value in number of discs, disc quality, and awesome art make X-Mania Mystery Boxes the best deal in disc golf!

Get Behind the Yellow Tape

X-Mania Mystery Boxes go live globally Wednesday, May 24th. Grab yours while supplies last!

Europe X-Mania Mystery Box
USA X-Mania Mystery Box
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