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Product image 1Fanatic 2 Backpack
Product image 2Fanatic 2 Backpack
Product image 3Fanatic 2 Backpack
Product image 4Fanatic 2 Backpack
Product image 5Fanatic 2 Backpack

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Disc golf backpack for beginners and competitive players. Also suitable for casual use. The bag is made of water resistant materials.

Our redesigned version of the Fanatic backpack is better than ever before. Although the overall look of the classic bag remains the same, we went back to the drawing board and improved several key components of this budget friendly disc golf bag. 

Bags featured are our 2021 model with fresh new designs


  • Main disc compartment holds up to 18 discs (drivers)
  • Putter pocket on top holds up to 4 putters 
  • Improved rubberized waterproof base
  • Stronger zippers with water resistant liner overlays
    • Reflective zipper pull strips for high visibility
  • Dual water bottle holders and increased rigidity
  • Back zipper storage for H2O reservoir, goods, or laptop
  • Stronger and thicker backpack straps and foam back support
    • Hourglass back support design to remove weight and provide exceptional air flow to keep your back cool
  • Improved strap pull system and higher quality chest strap buckles

Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Great first bag, but too tight around the edges.

This bag is a great bag for someone who is starting the game (or in early stages of the game). It holds more discs than I currently have, but I can see why people are saying that it is too tight, especially around the edges of the main department. All around a great bag for starting the game, I haven't had the chance to play around it too much, but I absolutely love the double water bottle holders. I would recommend this bag, but there are definately better options if you just keep looking. Good for its price!

Disclaimer: I havent found the putter slot yet.

Better than the Fanatic 1, but needs improvement

The main compartment is too shallow so discs don't fit and sit well in the bag making retrieval inconvenient. The putter pocket could have a larger mouth as well. The bag looks great--love the big shield logo--and it's an improvement on version 1, but I use it as a utility bag rather than for disc golf

Definitely not as good as it looks

Just bought this for my son but pretty soon noticed that it’s not as good as it seems. The biggest problem is the shape of the disc compartment. It narrows towards the front so you really can’t put as many discs as advertised. It’s practically impossible to fill it to the max. I have no idea how you could put 18 discs in there and still manage to get discs in and out. The usability is just awful. Did you guys even test this? I’m returning this tomorrow.

Jared Sessions
Most the bag is decent quality just some of the stitching is bad

Within a week of owning the bag the stitching inside the bag started to come undone. Everything else seems to be decent a little smaller than I expected just be wary you may have to sew to fix some of the interior stitching. There are cheaper bags that don't have this type of issue

Brian K
Good First Bag, yet a little tight

My wife surprised me with this bag, which I was grateful for. I really like quality, the looks of the bag and the amount of space for other items. The straps and the back pad make it really comfortable use. The two large adjustable water bottle holders are great. The side pockets are good for your wallet, phone, etc... The putter pouch on top is really large, but a little to deep.

The downside is the main space for the discs. It has room to fit probably 16 disc in the main pocket, but right now I have 13 and I have troubles getting the discs that are on the outer sides of the pocket. I wish the opening would have been about two or thee inches wider.

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