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The Concept - Discmania Combine

Welcome to the Discmania Combine! The players are going to compete in a series of skilled events from Putting, Approaching, Driving and a round of Disc Golf…four separate Disc Golf Throwing disciplines each worth a 100 points for a total of 400 points. These players will compete in all of these events, with the top players earning the most points throughout the event a chance to claim a position on the Team Discmania roster.

Of course, it’s critical to score well but it’s also very important that all players conduct themselves in a professional manner and display ultimate sportsmanship throughout the entire competition. Although, we are looking for the best overall players, we are also looking for players that represent themselves well as that’s very crucial in making the team. Being a solid and well-rounded individual is essential to being a player for Team Discmania.

Player Code of Conduct

Skillful Display of Throwing Ability, Player Representation, Sportsmanlike Attitude, Professional Image.

Qualified Players

The Discmania Tour will be hosting a total of three Discmania Combine events throughout the year in various regions of the United States. Five players per event will be awarded to advance to the Discmania Interview Process. These Top Qualifying Players will be monitored throughout the season, Player Performances and Tournament Finishes will be weighed into Final Sponsorship consideration.

Tour Schedule 2023

  • Sunday, August 20th  - Willmore Disc Golf Course - St. Louis, MO
  • Saturday, September 23rd - Raptors Knoll Disc Golf Course - Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

Individual Test Descriptions

Putting (“Sniper”): The player will have 2 putts from different locations at 20, 25, 30, 35, 40, 50 feet for a total of 100 Points.

Approach (“Bullseye”): The player will have 4 Total throws from each distance...100, 150, 200, 250, 350 feet. There are two flag poles positioned 25 feet off the teeing area to force players to throw one to the right, one to the center, one to the left and one shot will be “Choice.”  There are 3 Circles: 5 meters (5 pts), 10 meters (3 pts), 15 meters (1 pt). Total of 100 Points.

Driving (“Speed Gun & Big Gun”): Radar Speed Gun 50 Points 5 Throws Best Speed and descending points scale for speeds recorded.

Big Gun Long Range Driving with 25ft wide fairway. We will be starting distances markings at 300ft and measure every 50 up to 600ft. The player will receive minus points for being outside the alley, distance deduction for every foot outside of fairway. 4 Throws, scoring the best 2 throws.

Total distance minus distance off the fairway. Top Player gets 50 points with descending points scale for distances recorded.

Round of Disc Golf: 100 points for the Best Round and descending points scale for places following.

400 Points Total with chance of 10 Bonus Points for Aces in Approach and Disc Golf Round play.


We don't have an insurance for the events - please be aware that you'll attend at your own risk.

Refund policy:
100% money back guarantee up to 14 days for the event

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