COVID-19 store closure details inside. Please take a moment to read

COVID-19 update


Please keep this page handy as it will contain the most current information as things develop further. Our Colorado location has been put in a mandated lockdown issued by the state. Although our online stores will remain open, orders will be saved and begin to ship out the door April 17th at earliest. This date is subject to change but we'll make sure to keep you posted whenever possible. 

Customer service will still be available through email and social media during our normal business hours 7am-3pm M-F Mountain time. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact us! We're here for you and will always be available to help. 

We encourage you to place orders that you're comfortable waiting a little bit to receive. And we've got a few special tricks up our sleeves planned during this time, too! By placing an order with us, you’re supporting a small business with a burning passion towards disc golf. Supporting independent businesses like us is crucial during this time of economic turmoil. We highly encourage everyone to support their local small businesses during this unusual time to keep the economy running.

Take this opportunity to get some exercise working out at home or walking/jogging outdoors and enjoy some time with your loved ones. We strongly advise against playing organized rounds of Disc Golf but rather take to the putting green at home or strengthen your body to make sure you come back to the season better than ever. See you on the other side!

    The Discmania Staff

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