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2023 World Championship Recap

We first want to thank all the Discmaniacs out there supporting Team Discmania both on the course and online during this amazing tournament. Thank you on behalf of all of us here.

It was an incredible week of disc golf, and we're here to recap all the highlights moments for Team Discmania!

Eagle in Championship Form

World’s week started out hot with Eagle McMahon earning himself a Putting World Champion title! Congratulations to Eagle on a job well done, rising well above the competition in total points.

We even celebrated with a special global commemorative version of the Rainmaker. If you got one, congratulations for owning a piece of Discmania history. If you missed out, you can still click here to putt with the World Champion’s Creator Series putter, designed by Eagle McMahon himself!

Gavin Babcock Leading the Charge

The world’s strongest disc golfer got his World Championship run started very hot, leading Team Discmania after the first round.

Shooting 9 under par with a 92% C1x make percentage had him sitting tied for 5th place going into day 2. Gavin battled through the marathon tournament, making the final cut and placing T29. While he hopes to climb higher in the ranks next year, Gavin is focused on building on his successes.

The Nordic Phenom Appears

Niklas Anttila found himself feeling at home in the wooded fairways of Fox Run. Used to navigating heavily wooded fairways, as well as long holes demanding accurate positioning, Nikke took a spot on the lead card for round 3!

Being only the second time Nikke attended World’s, we are proud to see him finish in the top 20 out of over 200 MPO players in attendance.

Kyle Bringing the Fury

After a somewhat slow start in round 1, Kyle Klein kicked it into high gear. He hit 100% of his C1x putts in rounds 2 and 3 - finding himself within striking distance of first place even!

Kyle continued to shine through round 4, landing himself on the lead card for final round coverage. Repping his new Creator Series Vanguard and Signature Series Cosmic Fury, Kyle continued with a hot hand, landing himself a Top 10 finish - T6th! Congratulations Kyle and well done!

"Never Give Up"

The tale of Eagle McMahon’s last two rounds is the thing of storybooks. Starting round 4, Eagle had largely been quiet. He stood at 28th place, but he stuck to his gameplan - play for himself and against only himself. If you haven’t been keeping up on Eagle’s disc adventure, check out his vlog to see where his head was at to start the tournament.

Following this mental strategy, Eagle locked in a course record 14 down at the hardest Fox Run layout to date! This push brought him up to a tie for 4th place with Kyle Klein to start the final round, and 4 strokes off the lead.

Coming into the final stretch, Eagle was pushing closer and closer - even getting within 2 strokes of the lead after a monster eagle (-2) on hole 12! When all the dust settled, Eagle brought home a third place finish to accompany his Putting World Championship. Check his full World Championship vlog to experience his full journey from behind the scenes.

This marks the best finish for ANY Team Discmania player at a World Championship. Congratulations to Eagle McMahon on an incredible tournament.

Make sure to support all of Team Discmania by shopping our Signature Items section, and follow us on all our social media to stay up to date on all things Discmania!

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