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Discmania S-Line Lineup Expanding

Since announcing our best S-Line blend plastic ever, disc golfers have raved about the feel and flight. Almost every Originals mold has been requested to appear in our 5-Star S-Line blend.In line with our Year of the Sword promise to deliver what you want, we are proud to bring two of our all-time best sellers to the S-Line lineup!

S-Line P2

When it comes to throwing off the tee and approaching the basket, the P2 brings just the right amount of stability and glide to let you throw with confidence. Loved by our professional team and everyday players alike for years, this S-Line upgrade brings long lasting performance for an already workhorse mold.

Want to know what to expect from your brand new S-Line P2? Team Discmania’s Silas Schultz has you covered!

Grab your S-Line P2 on Discmania Store starting August 16th!

S-Line MD3

The do-it-all midrange you can find in almost every Team Discmania player’s bag! S-Line MD3 feature more grip and a softer feel without sacrificing any bit of the flight characteristics MD3 throwers love. This epic combination makes S-Line MD3 an instant addition to your bag!

Check out all the great lines you can throw with our new S-Line MD3! Bartosz Kowalewski brought the full flight line demo, course test, and breakdown just for you.

Grab your S-Line MD3 on Discmania Store - available August 16th!

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