A Wolf on the loose

With the main event of the European Disc Golf year, the European Open getting closer, we have released a new highly collectible fundraiser disc for the event - C-line TD2 "The Wolf". The nickname and the graphic of this disc come from the series of carnivores that inhabit the Finnish wilderness. Previously in the series we've released the Glow C-line PD "The Bear". The stamp of both these discs were designed by Disc Golf artist Skeet Scienski.

The previously unreleased C-line TD2 was the perfect match for the Wolf in this release, since the TD2 is also known for it's sneaky and quick moves on the fairway. The TD2 is best suited for anyone seeking to get more distance with less effort. It is a substantially understable driver with great glide. The TD2 is an optimal choice for a distance driver for players who throw less than 90 meters.

A pack of Wolves in their natural habitat.

The TD2 is by far the most understable disc in the our line-up with it’s high speed turn rating of -4. Packed with a great glide, this disc is easy to throw far with a little effort. Awesome for rollers and long turning shots for intermediate to pro player. This fundraiser release is the very first time the TD2 is available in C-line material, and will likely only increase its value in the future.

Where to buy?

USA: HeroDiscUSA.com

Finland: InnovaStore.fi

Sweden: InnovaStore.net

Rest of the Europe: TBA

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